Consulting Sector

Most of managers make decisions based on their intuitive comprehension of situations, on their more or less convergent appreciation of the main collaborators and their understanding of data available. To ensure its growth, the company has to call into question the efficiency of its internal and external organizational processes.

In today’s work environment, many companies call on consultants to help them improve organizational performance, achieve greater marketplace differentiation, and grow toward a more profitable future.

Our consulting experts provide you with solutions aligned with your business objectives by focusing on your strengths, identifying strategic and financial risks and opportunities of your company.

Vlearn offers a wide range of competencies to guide and assist you throughout your company’s lifecycle. You can count on our know-how and expertise in helping your company achieve its growth objectives and maximize its performance.

Consulting in Enterprise Strategy

  • Management consulting
  • Strategic consulting
  • Internal and external competitiveness analysis
    • Management consulting
    • Strategic consulting
    • Internal and external competitiveness analysis

    Consulting in organizational performance and human resources

  • Assessing organizations
  • Human resources management
  • Consulting in training and coaching
  • Consulting in recruitment
  • Consulting in marketing
  • Consulting in strategic marketing
  • Consulting in operational marketing
  • Consulting in recruitment and coaching

  • Research, selection, and recruitment of executives and managers
  • Personalized evaluation
  • Assistance, consulting and career guidance.
  • Client Service Support

  • Business creation
  • Human resources management
  • Customer portfolio management
  • Commercial organization and sales force management
  • Internal and external business communication
  • Quality management
  • Operational marketing
  • CRM