AUL Marbella offers a program of bachelor and Masters of business administration created for ambitious individuals, a program providing a quality education, flexible and made to lead the students in a path of opportunities to the objectives sought by each one. AUL Marbella does not only form entrepreneurs and high qualified job market assets, AUL Marbella is the spring board to every students objectives. The program is made to provide great analytical skills and the aptitude to make decision, to be an important piece of the gear that is the society. A program aiming to develop in the students minds the leadership and the managing skills needed to be a leader and therefore enter the job market with confidence and with the proper key success factors, combined with strong theoretical aptitudes. The main advantage provided by AUL Marbella is the possibility to study in an American system based university in an international and eclectic environment, Europe and especially Spain is a great destination for higher education students, as it offers a great student experience, the chance to learn a new language and to be able to gather the cultural experience that helps enter the corporate word with a great capacity of involvement.