The primary objective is to provide ITIPS IT specialists with doubly versatile training:

The student benefits from a versatile training in Computer Science: algorithmics and programming, design, development and administration of Databases, analysis and design of information systems, computer networks, software engineering, data engineering, Business Intelligence, Web development. , Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and security… without forgetting the basic training in Computer Architecture and Operating Systems, Compilation Techniques, etc;

The student also benefits from courses in Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Sociology, Communication and languages.

This training gives students the opportunity to choose between three specialization options:

  • Big data technologies
  •  Web and mobile technologies
  •  Cyber ​​Security

This doubly versatile training allows PIIMT IT specialist to analyze any type of problem, to propose suitable and quality IT solutions, to easily integrate the professional world, and to intervene in all fields and specializations of IT.