Currently, the market trends are towards the following profiles:

  • Business Intelligence Consultant;
  • Big Data Consultant;
  • Data Science Consultant;
  • Information Systems Analyst and Designer;
  • IT Auditor, Quality Engineer;
  • Designer of Decisional Information Systems;
  • Development Project Manager;
  • Information System Consultant;
  • Database Systems Administrator;
  • Systems Architect;
  • Manager and developer of IT Projects;

In order to follow the market trend and to meet the needs of all sectors, we offer three different concentrations in the last year of the Bachelor of Computer Science program:

  • Big data Technologies: focused on the production of Data products and the design and implementation of systems for massive data storage as well as the implementation of dedicated decision-making and Big Data systems (ERP, etc.),
  • Web and Mobile Technologies: focused on the design and production of web and mobile systems.
  • Cyber ​​Security: focused on network and IS security