• Access to the 1st year of the Normal Cycle of P.I.I.M.T is open to candidates holding a baccalaureate or an equivalent diploma upon selection, according to the following terms:
    • A pre-selection based on a file review;
    • A written competition covering general knowledge, French, English, mathematics and logic;
    • An oral interview.
    Baccalaureate candidates who have successfully completed one year in an accredited management school or equivalent can directly access the 2nd year on selection comprising the same stages as those provided for access to the 1st year;
    Candidates directly admitted to the 2nd year may be called upon to study the subjects which they lack and which are essential for the pursuit of studies at the Bac + 3 in Management such as: Management, Finance, Accounting, Marketing,… ..
    Candidates of foreign nationality are subject to the general conditions required by the MES.