Artificial Intelligence

Successful managers make decisions based on their intuitive comprehension of situations, on their more or less convergent appreciation of their collaborators and their understanding of data available. To ensure its growth, the company has to call into question the efficiency of its internal and external organizational processes.

In today’s work environment, many companies call on consultants to help them improve organizational performance, achieve greater marketplace differentiation, and grow toward a more profitable future. Our consulting experts provide you with solutions aligned with your business objectives by focusing on your strengths, and identifying strategic and financial risks and opportunities of your company.

AULM ECT or Executive Corporate Training and Coaching offers a wide range of competencies to guide and assist you throughout your company’s life cycle.


Strategy and Marketing plans

We can help you in defining your business strategy and marketing strategy as it is the first step in the successful digitalization of the marketing department. Our job will to, jointly with your internal team, to:

  • Define business mission and objectives related to marketing
  • Define Brand persona and buyer persona
  • Define Positioning and targets
  • Create Corporate visual identity: logo, graphic charter
  • Create intuitive website
    Social media plan: Social
  • Media Matrix, SM choice and plans
  • Automate your social media posting
Search Engine Optimization
To achieve your marketing objectives, we offer referencing services that include classical ones and beyond:
  • SEO: Tools and strategies of organic referencing. The added value of Vlearn is that we offer a conversational search that help your brand be loved by Google, a search engine positioning as AI-based, through content strategy, use of questions and LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing). Together, we will define the right tools
  • for you according to your needs and budget

Chatbots are an increasingly popular tool for marketers, business owners, and webmasters. We can help you implement those minuscule AI that will normally live on your website, SM Messengers and which will then be able to answer questions and engage in basic conversation. Our teams will help throughout all the processes from defining your scenarios, and building the Q/A database till the technical implementation.

Big Data

Data and especially users/customers data is becoming key to entities’ growth. Our teams can help you:

  • Better define and collect your data
  • Optimize Google Analytics
  • Use SQL, MYSQL, SQLite

At AULM, we believe in empowering our partners. So, we offer our partners, in addition to the AIM services, online training to allow their teams to better understand this new kid of marketing as well as the use of all the tools needed.